The complete self-portrait workshop in English consists in experimenting the method The Self-Portrait Experience on oneself. The method provides a series of self-portrait exercises divided in three parts: ME, ME AND THE OTHER, ME AND THE WORLD; and a series of artistic criteria for the perception and choice of the works, for the dialogue between images and for the construction of one's own self-portrait project, which is the beginning of the autobiographical project.

If you are interested in following the training for self-portrait facilitators with this method, that is, if you want to apply this method on others, you should first experience the complete method on yourself with this course, and then you can follow the special workshops for facilitators, soon in this online platform.

The online platform allows anyone to follow the workshop online, so I have grouped the workshops according to the languages I speak and write (English, French, Italian and Spanish). If you join one of these workshops in English you will certainly have the pleasure to be part of a group of people that come from all over the world. And this is very exciting and enriching.