SOMEONE TO LOVE, the artist's autobiography on video

This is my autobiography on video "Someone to Love", which has obtained the Celeste Prize 2012, and has been projected at the Mois de la Photo in Montreal, the Casino of Luxemburg, the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Leon y Castilla, Luova Gallery Helsinki, H2O gallery in Barcelona, Sponge Arte Contemporanea in Pergola, Italy, MS Galería and Galería La Zúa in Madrid, CNA in Luxemburg, etc.

Someone To Love brings together for the first time the best self portraits taken by Spanish artist Cristina Nuñez during her life. The voice of the author accompanies the viewer through her family history and childhood, her troubled adolescence as a heroin addict and the evolution of her self-image, her relationships and the discovery of the self-portrait as a tool for self-therapy. The last sequence shows the project on her mother's life, including collaborative self-portraits and family pictures, until her last breath.

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